Glasgow Ultimate

Open Day and Charity Match

See our events page for more info on our open day and charity match.

Glasgow Ultimate

This site is a resource for all Ultimate players in Glasgow, as well as giving you all the information you’ll need to get started if you’re new to the sport, new to Glasgow, or just want to find out more about us (i.e. you are a spy). Glasgow boasts two well established University Clubs and several non-university teams that participate at all levels of the sport, in all divisions. Take a look at our Local Teams page to get a feel for what is available to you.


For existing Glasgow Ultimate players we hope to provide you with updates on what is going on in the community, let you know about important events that are coming up, and promote communication/co-operation between all of the clubs. With this in mind we intend to maintain a Calendar containing all upcoming events. You should also join our facebook group to be kept up to date with what’s going on week to week.


Finally, this site will also feature write-ups of Glasgow-wide practices and links to other interesting/useful ultimate related sites. These reviews will summarise the main points covered and will contain links to relevant background materials; in this way the site should become an invaluable training resource. These summaries can be found in our Training section.



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