Glasgow Ultimate


Winter: Jan-May
Training will alternate weekly (where possible) between Open team and Club wide sessions suitable for all players in Glasgow.

  • Attendance & payment – Help us plan effectively by keeping this up to date with your expected attendance.

Summer: Jun-Sep
During the summer months we will have weekly training on Wed and Sunday at Hillhead Sports Club. Please check the calendar for training times.

  • Calendar – See all upcoming practices.

Tournament sign up


Winter: Jan-May
There is no membership fee but each session will cost £5 to cover pitch hire. £15 up-front will cover 4 practices. If needed we may adjust this as the season progresses.

Summer: Jun-Sep
During the summer months we move operations to Hillhead Sports Club and charge a membership fee. See here for membership options and sign up.

  • 2014 Expenses – we will keep track of and publish all tournament/club/training/kit etc fees here. You can also see information about the clubs Payment Policy here.

Strength and Conditioning
We have a plan for getting everyone in shape for the season ahead – while it’s never too late to join in you’ll get the most from it by being in from the start. If you have your own programme that’s great, share it with the Captains/Coaches so that we know what you’re doing and can offer advice if needed.
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Speed and Agility
Once we have build up strength and power in our muscles we need to apply this to work we do on the field. These workouts focus on the technique and footwork involved in linear and lateral speed as well as quick changes of direction

Just as important as becoming a super athlete is honing your ultimate-specific skills. We are introducing a throwing skills programme that will be updated throughout the season. Setting aside dedicated time for focussed throwing practice is probably the single easiest way to become a better player all round.

  • Phase 1 – Fundamentals: Focuses on fundamentals but still relevant to all levels of experience.
  • Phase 2 – Dynamics: Develop your throws against a force and focus on moving in and out of throwing positions
  • Phase 3 – Range: Improve consistency and distance of lead pass throws



2013 Season

  • Open team training attendance
  • Open training recaps
  • Calendar
  • Fitness
    • Fitness log: this is where we track all our activity and compete in teams for each months prize. For the current fitness block we have set goals that should reflect an improvement in general fitness/strength and for everyone:
      • 3 minutes of plank
      • 45 seconds of tuck jumps
    • Core workouts: this file details most of the exercises used in our core circuits.
      • Core workout app: If you have an android phone you can use the app “A HIIT Timer” and import this file to give you a selection of workouts with the timing set up for you. If this does not work you are probably using the standard android browser and should switch to something better; it is known for download problems.
  • Team kit order
  • Discs Order
  • Throwing Exercises
  • Open Team Meeting 2013

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