Glasgow Ultimate

Far Flung are the Glasgow University Ultimate Frisbee club and compete in all university competitions and divisions. We have a large squad of players that enjoying playing to the best of their abilities and a thriving social scene.

2009 started on a bit of a low for FarFlung with a reasonably long trip to Aberdeen for Outdoor regionals. 9 brave flingers braved the winter cold and performed admirably. For some of the players it was their first outdoor tournament and they played very well. Although we had fewer players than we would have liked, we finished mid-table and had a great time playing with this fresh new team. Unfortunately we didn’t qualify for nationals, but there is always 2010.

Then came the summer lull (in terms of there being a FarFlung team) and the end of the university year. However the start of the new semester brought fire and desire back into the team. With indoor Regionals just around the corner, the team was anxious to get started. The trip up to Dundee for Scottish Regionals proved to be a great one. FarFlung managed to finish 4th only narrowly missing out on Division 1 Nationals competition. This team was strong, fit and very ambitious, and were very unlucky not to have done that bit better. The team went on to division 2 and performed well with a depleted squad.

Then it was the turn of the FarFlung Ladies. Finishing 3rd at Regionals was just as unlucky, if not more so, as the boys missing out on 3rd. They were capable of winning the competition, but luck was not on their side that day. However, they made the trip to Manchester determined to prove themselves on a National stage. Having finished 7th at the previous national tournament earlier in the year they had their eye on an even higher finish. They did exactly that! First they beat the Scottish champions and only narrowly missed out on the national final in sudden death. They won the 3rd/4th place play-off easily, so they were a little disappointed not to have made the final.

Nevertheless, with Mixed Nationals coming up at the start of the new year, these successes have built the platform for a great team to do very well and possibly win the tournament. Here’s hoping 2010 will bring prosperity to the club both on and off the pitch! The club trains 3 times a week including indoor, outdoor, first team and girls only practices. The team always welcomes new members at any stage of the season whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro.


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