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Physio: Strengthening and rehab

Our club physiotherapist has put together a set of resources for strengthening and rehabilitating injuries in specific areas of the body.

Strength and Conditioning

Starting a strength and conditioning program in your off-season will help to prepare your body for the season ahead. By building strength we can prevent injuries and develop strong muscles capable of withstanding the rigours of a tournament weekend. As the season progresses we aim to translate strength into powerful explosive actions required for ultimate (sprinting, pivoting, diving, jumping, throwing etc..). If you have your own program designed for Ultimate then great, otherwise start here:

Track Workouts

No point spending all your time in the gym if you can’t run. This program takes you through interval workouts (best cardiovascular conditioning for ultimate) to build your cardio base and prepare your body for sprinting, then on to hill sprints to develop power and ends with technical sprint sessions to improve your linear speed and acceleration.

Speed and Agility

Once we have built up strength and power in our muscles we need to apply this to work we do on the field. These workouts focus on the technique and footwork involved in linear and lateral speed as well as quick changes of direction:

Disc based workouts

Want to play on the O line? You’ll need to have skills. These progressive focussed throwing sessions are designed to develop your throwing skills in game situations. They should also be hard work and provide good on field conditioning.

  • Phase 1 – Fundamentals: Focuses on fundamentals but still relevant to all levels of experience
  • Phase 2 – Dynamics: Develop your throws against a force and focus on moving in and out of throwing positions
  • Phase 3 – Range: Improve consistency and distance of lead pass throws
  • Phase 4 – Versatility: Learn to select a throw for a given situation and execute first time

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