Glasgow Ultimate

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Glasgows biggest derby match is back. Forget the old firm, the city’s fiercest frisbee rivals will commence battle MONDAY 8th MARCH, 7.45 at GARSCUBE, expect blood, sweat and fear!!

Far Flung are just one win away from taking the series and will be confident after recently being crowned indoor national champions. However, outdoors is a completely different game and while a bulk of the Glasgow Uni team have been worryingly absent from outdoor training sessions the Horses have been putting in the hard work on the practice pitch. Strathclyde will be looking to build on a commendable recent performance at outdoor regionals and have every chance of levelling the series and forcing a decider in the 3rd semester.

If you want to get involved make sure you get in touch with Ben or Kev and get your name on the team list. Otherwise, come along and support your university club, bring banners and pom poms and plenty of good heckles. There will also be a spare pitch for another game to be run along side the show case. And of course there will be a chance to drink and mingle after the match.

Here’s the plan:

7pm: There will be changing facilities available for both teams inside the main centre
7.30: Pitch available for warm up
7.40: Kick off, (pull off just sounds rude…)

The game will be first to 13, with a 5 minute half time at 7.
There will be a 1 hour time slot and a two point cap. This means if the game is not finished in an hour then we add 2 points to the highest score and play to that.
2 time outs per half per team.

9pm: Showers
9.30: Refreshments and post match shenannigans at PJ Champs