Glasgow Ultimate

The final round of indoor league promised an exciting set of matches with 3 teams still in contention for the title. Here’s all the action from week 3!

Video highlights:

Match reports:

Farflung vs Pirates 

Farflung started the day with zero wins on the board but looked determined not to go down without a fight. They brought a strong squad this week with several of their first team stars back in the fold. Pirates entered the game as favourites for the league title, sitting top with a handy goal difference. Both teams started well, Flung progressed the disc effortlessly across the field while Pirates demonstrated their lethal deep game. In the middle of the match Farflung’s experienced handlers were able to dominate while their fresher players got free and moved the disc with confidence, no doubt benefiting from their 3rd week of league games. Pirates rushed a few possessions and found themselves playing catch up as the cap went on at 9-6. With 5 minutes to score 3 points and take it to sudden death a sense of urgency seemed to inspire pirates as they put in 2 consecutive points and immediately got a turn. However, Flung remained composed, got the block they needed and put in the point to take their first win 10-8.

 Iron Mandelas vs Big Cats 

Assembling another skeleton squad, the Mandelas faced the Big Cats. Cats came out claws bared, but the Mandelas held firm and blasted a break in early. Some phenomenal plays from both sides made everyone ask “why isn’t the drone over here?”. Mandelas worked the under very well, Big Cats tried playing zone but Mandelas were able to work it through very nicely. Neck and neck the entire game, a great play from Ed Hopkinson on a disc sailing out the back of the endzone in sudden death was just out, giving the Big Cats their one and only shot at going ahead in the game, and a chance to win. A ropey huck from Matt to Easton followed by our girls streaking deep for the score was how it ended, and summed up what a close and closely contested game it was. Ultimately Big Cats stole the victory 8-9 in sudden death.

Farflung vs Iron Mandelas 

This was a fast paced game throughout with both teams playing very tight defense. Iron Mandelas threw a zone that took Farflung off guard at first but Flung were eventually able to work through it patiently. Farflung reached a pinnacle moment in the league as their freshers took control and started putting in points all on their own. This was a high pressure match with plenty of drops on both sides and the final score did not reflect the competitive nature of this game. Flung nabbed their second win of the day 9-3.

 Pirates vs Big Cats 

Big Cats sudden death win and Pirates loss meant that this game was effectively a final. Iron Mandelas were technically still in contention at this point but would have required a huge win against Farflung to overturn the deficit in goal difference. With the winner ready to take the spoils both teams started intensely, Pirates immediately punching in one of their trademark long shots then coming down with a zone defense. The Pirates zone caused a lot of trouble in the early stages but they were unable to convert their turns and earn a lead at the start of the game. Big Cats hung in, getting a handle on the zone and exploiting gaps in deep areas of the field with some pin point flicks. The Cats were able to swing the game in their favour with some excellent poach defense and the Pirates got in their own heads a little, throwing several discs straight at the opposition. As the hooter went for the cap Pirates again found themselves 3 points down with minutes to play. Replicating their efforts in game 1 they quickly punched in an offense point and followed it up with a break. However, the Big Cats remained composed and finished the game off with a floaty huck, taking advantage of superior aerial ability as they had all match. Big Cats win 10-8.


So there we have it, congratulations to our champions Big Cats and to everyone who competed in this years indoor league, hopefully we’ll see you again next year! Please fill in the feedback form so we can make the event bigger and better next year.

Here’s a few final words from your captains:

The Big Cats have loved the Winter League 2017-18. The opportunity to play 7s indoors was great fun and a brilliant change to the small pitch indoor tournaments we usually have through the winter. It also provided a great introduction to outdoors for the newer players, helping them transition from indoors to outdoor size pitches without having the wind cause issues.” – Matt Tomlinson (Big Cats)

“”Our thoughts as well” – Colin Simpson (Iron Mandelas)

We’ve run aground, but our ship will sail again!  Hope to see more teams next year.” – Shaun Webb (Pirates)

Farflung had an awesome time at Winter League. It was fun, low pressure, and perfect for easing everyone back into the proper 7v7” – Jiaqi Sng (Farflung)

Final Table and Results:

All the Indoor League info is available here.

Champions: Big Cats
Spirit: Iron Mandelas/Big Cats
League MVPs: Harriet Hopper and James Bogie