Glasgow Ultimate

If you would like to take a more active role in how the club is run as a whole then please take a look at the positions below. If none of these satisfy your hunger for control or you just want to help out more in general then please get in touch with Shaun and Phil, we would be more than happy to have additional members organising the day to day running of the club.

If you have major issues with the way the club is currently run or are planning to overthrow the regime then we’d appreciate a bit of notice. Please get in touch with us or put together a proposal for a new committee in advance of the AGM.

The club currently has the following structure, you can put yourself forward for one or several of these roles:

Captaincy and Coaching

Running teams, deciding tactics, leading coaching sessions, there is plenty of flexibility for what you can do in these roles. If you intend to put yourself forward for any of these positions then please get in touch with Shaun and Phil to discuss at what level you would like to be involved.

Team captains – Open, Mixed and Womens

  • This season we would like to have separate captains for the mixed team.
  • Responsible for organising your individual team and delegating responsibilities.
  • Leads the team on the field. Will have some or all responsibility for team selection and calling lines.
  • You can take a captains role as far as you like but will have the coaches and T&T committee for support.
  • Primarily you will be the on field captain but if you want to manage the squad as well then you can do that. If you want to join forces and co-captain that’s also a possibility.

Training and Tactics committee

  • Meet fairly regularly on or off line to plan tactics, season plan, individual session plans and skill/fitness progression.
  • Normally includes captains, head coaches and at least 1 member of the previous committee to ensure continuity.
  • Teams may prefer to have their own committee but there must be overall co-ordination between them


  • Coaches actively run the sessions planned by the T&T committtee.
  • You could volunteer to be a head coach and part of the committee to plan the season or maybe you just want to assist the head coaches at training sessions and maybe take charge every now and then.

There is also scope to get involved if you have particular expertise or an interest in a specific area:

  • Fitness/Skill/Mentoring.
  • Vice Captain: Don’t think you’re ready to run for supreme leader but want to gain experience in leadership / tactics / season planning.

Administrative roles

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the club. Fortunately, if we can spread that work amongst a group of enthusiastic individuals it really isn’t a particularly arduous task. On top of that, this time around some of the more daunting tasks come with bribes incentives.

Fairly straight forward, you’re the paperwork minion, but there really isn’t much paperwork. You are responsible for making sure everyone coming to training and tournaments is a member of the club and UKU and that the club maintains its affiliation with UKU.
Perks: We’ll reimburse your UKU membership and give you one tournament entry free.

Okay, so this one is quite a bit of work, but we have good systems in place for tracking club finances and Phil will spend time making sure that the new treasurer understands these and can work with spreadsheets, so you will have support. We only want you to volunteer for this position if you think you are responsible enough to do it well and expect to be at training on a fairly regular basis to collect payments.
Perks: No training fees and no summer league fees.

Tournament TD/committee
Want to run a tournament for GU and get paid for a days work? We need a TD for club indoor regionals and hope to run a new outdoor mixed tournament.

Summer League coordinators
Do you want to ensure that summer league keeps going strong? Do you have new ideas to make it bigger or better? We need volunteers to organise summer league for 2016. It’s really just creating a bit of publicity, harassing some people to be captains, selecting teams and creating a fixtures list. Then you can add all the fun things like video highlights, player profiles, captain interviews.
Perks: Free summer league (~£25).

Kit Organiser
Make a spreadsheet, get everyone to sign up for new kit, make sure there are no number clashes, place the order and distribute kit. Gauge interest for a second order.
Perks: 1 free piece of kit up to £25

Social Conveners
Most socials just happen but we’ve had a few organised events in the past including Christmas quizzes, bowling nights, scavenger hunts and post training/tournament booze fests!
Perks: You get to make us more fun, everyone will buy you drinks and wants to be your mate.

Al Fresco Tsar
Every year we like to take a holiday. We need volunteers to organise a trip to an overseas tournament. Help the club select an appropriate tournament, make sure we get entry and organise logistics.
Perks: Guaranteed selection for the team if oversubscribed.

Want to get involved in marketing the club? We are looking for volunteers to help promote our online presence to both our existing members and prospective new members. This could be through social media, videography, photography… If you have ideas or want to be involved then you can definitely help out.
Perks: Increase the club exposure and make Glasgow Ultimate awesome!

Any suggestions?
If you have any ideas for a role that will help the club or allow us to do more in the future, speak up? If you have skills you can bring, or even something you want to develop at then let us know and we may be able to help you out by establishing it as a role/part of what our club offers.

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