We held our AGM a couple of weeks ago on the 2nd of November. We reviewed the past year and set out a number of goals for the coming season. The highlights were:

  • Glasgow Ultimate will attempt to have an open team this year that trains regularly and competes in the UK open season
  • New Kit this year
  • Finding alternative winter training facilities
  • Running a schools tournament
  • Running an “Ultimate summer camp”
  • Running a showcase Scottish outdoor tournament
  • Club Elections

Please take a look at the full document here:

2012 AGM minutes

If you have any feedback/anything to add please get in touch with glasgowultimate@gmail.com

Scottish indoor open club regionals was held Nov 12th and 13th in Edinburgh this year with Glasgow sending two teams to compete for the four indoor nationals qualifying spots on the line. Glasgow 1 entered the tournament seeded 3rd and drawn into a pool with Mother Huckers (aka Dundee 2), Sneekys 2 of Edinburgh, and Mojo 1; while Glasgow 2 was seeded 15th and placed in a very tough pool along with Ro Sham 1, Black Eagles, and Abstract.

Glasgow 1 started pool play with a convincing 13-4 win over Mother Huckers. Next up was Sneekys, who traded points with us early, before we stepped up the D to pull away for the straightforward 11-7 win. Our final pool play game was against Mojo, who also entered the game with 2 wins, meaning first place in the pool and an automatic spot in the quarterfinals was on the line. Glasgow made the most of the opportunity, storming out to a quick 5-0 lead, before cruising to the 10-5 win, first place in the pool and a spot in the quarterfinals Sunday morning.

Glasgow 2’s first pool game was a tough one against Ro Sham 1 losing 13-2. Next up was an even harder game against the eventual champions Black Eagles. Despite the tough competition, Glasgow 2 showed up to play in this game, fighting hard with tons of specular Ds and an efficient O, pushing the Eagles right to the end before eventually losing 9-7. Last up was Abstract, a game Glasgow 2 needed to win in order to make crossovers. Unfortunately Glasgow came up just short again, leaving them to play in the placement games on Sunday.

Due to a scheduling quirk Glasgow 1 played Sneekys 2 again in our quarterfinal. Feeling somewhat annoyed that we had to play the same team a second time so early in the tournament, and that we should have handled them more easily in pool play, we came out to prove a point. As a result Glasgow 1 absolutely dominated the game in every respect rolling to a big 12-2 win. This set up a semifinal again Dundee 1. Entering the game having not been truly tested yet, Glasgow came out flat and made a few mistakes leaving us down a couple points early on. This allowed Dundee to switch to their soul destroying zone D in order to slow the game down, and while we fought hard our lack of practice against the zone meant we could never really get ourselves back into the game, ultimately losing 7-3. Despite the setback, Glasgow 1 came back strong in the 3rd place game against Stirling. Glasgow never trailed in the game, and despite letting Stirling twice fight their way back into the game, managed the 8-7 win. As a result, Glasgow 1 finished third, maintaining our initial seeding and grabbing one of the 4 Scottish region spots in indoor nationals to be held on Jan 28 and 29 in Stoke-on-Trent.

Glasgow 2 continued to play hard on Sunday and after losing their first game of the day came back with a big win over Mojo 2. While they lost their final game of the day, it still left them seeded 14th, one better than their original seed. More importantly, Glasgow 2 showed the true colours of Ultimate in Glasgow bringing home the spirit award!


Overall it was a great tournament for all involved, and no doubt Glasgow 1 will be looking to make some noise at nationals!

We held our AGM a couple of weeks ago on the 15th of November and discussed what we are aiming to achieve as a club over the next few months. Please take the time to read through the minutes, especially if you were assigned a responsibility at the meeting.

The main points covered were:

  • Coaching in schools
  • Additional training and training facilities
  • Coaching in schools
  • Away kit
  • Club elections

You can read the full document from the link below:

Meeting Summary

In 2008 a band of Frisbee vigilantes took an oath to revolutionise and dominate the indoor game and to never play a quarter final sober. In 2010 they succeeded.

2010 Season:

UK Indoor National Champs

UK Mixed Indoor National Champs

Mix and Mingle Champs

With home advantage at UK Nationals, DiscMen were able to sweep aside their old foes Old Skool (twice) and romp to victory in the final against Fully Charged (losing finalists 3 years in a row….ouch). The home crowd went wild! The mixed season brought more silverware as DiscMen once again taught everyone in Sheffield how to win, party and generally live their lives. We went in to Mixed Nationals as favourites and did not dissappoint. Bears were the opponents in the final and we knew they would be tough after fighting out a draw against them on the first day. Bears went up by 3 with 6 minutes to play but swift offense and cool heads brought the game to Sudden Death. DiscMen forced a turnover and sealed the win and a double National championship. Undefeated in 2010.

Add to these victories Far Flung dominance at mixed uni nationals and the spectacular arena that is Toryglen, it is no wonder why Glasgow is now regarded as the spiritual home of indoors. Lately we have competed indoor tournaments as Glasgow, but the heroes and villains of DiscMen are still out there, waiting for a time when the world needs them again…




NBD are a collective bunch of Glasgow scallywags that formed a team to compete in UK Womens Indoor Nationals.  They finished 2nd.  No big deal…


After a successful inaugural season, the Principality of Sealand returned to the UK mixed Tour to do battle with their English foes. In 2009 Glasgow managed to send a team to every event, in 2010 we managed to send 2!

Tour 1 began brightly with wins over Don’t Let Go and BAF that put the Sealanders within touching distance of the semi finals. In what was effectively a quarter, Bear Cavalry ran out 6-0 up in the first half. A brave fight back to 9-8 was followed by a mammoth point lasting over 10 minutes. Despite getting the disc over the goal line twice, it was Bears that finally converted and took the win and Sealands Sunday slump relegated them to 10th. Tour 2 saw the Principality slip back in to the top eight following another thrilling comeback and sudden death victory (by now a trademark) against Peeps. 7th overall. Nationals was another mixed bag of results, we had another close game against Bears but threw it away in the second half and took Brighton to sudden death in our best performance of the season. So close to making semi-finals again but tired legs on Sunday and we finished 11th.

This years foreign adventure took us to Amsterdam for 6 days of debauchery and the Windmill Windup tournament. 5 of our 8 games went to sudden death, again we lost narrowly to semi final contenders and ended 11th. The final victory against Ultimate Delux was one of the most spirited performances ever witnessed on the Frisbee field.

In 2011 we will compete in the mixed tour as Glasgow and return to Windmill for more fun and games. However, this may not be the last you see of the Principality…


Fusion are Scotlands elite open team made up from the top players around the country including several from Glasgow. In 2008 the squad split into two separate teams (East and West) in order to expand our numbers and promote player development. In 2009 the move paid off with a top 8 finish at Euros.

2010 and Fusion faced another challenge to rebuild. Star players had left for the big lights of London and it was up to a small core of accomplished veterans and talented rookies to carry the torch. Though the light shone dim during another inconsistent tour season (8th, 5th, 10th), the flame ignited as Fusion once more impressed at UK Nationals and EUCF in Spain.  Fusion took a squad of 10 players to UK Nationals in Southampton, finally got a victory over Brighton for the first time that season, topped their group and earned a place in the live broadcast semi final against Chevron. A brave Fusion performance but Chevron took a lead just before half and managed to hang on to it. This was followed by a sudden death loss to Fire and another victory over Brighton to secure a place at European Championships for the 5th year out of 6. Day 1 of EUCF Spain again exposed inconsistencies in a team that had barely trained together. Crushed by Skoggs, an overwhelming victory over Feldrenner and a narrow defeat against the Fins was enough to put Fusion through to the quarters in a 3 way tie.  Quarter final opponents Freespeed found it hard to make their athleticism count against an energetic Fusion squad, but in the end they made a couple less mistakes. Fusion eventually finished 8th, matching the performance of 2009. The tournament also spawned the inaugural annual Fusion scavenger hunt and fish fight. Fusion MVP 2010 was won by Shaun Webb.

Fusion are already preparing for 2011 with a more focused attitude on training and development that should see this talented squad finally fulfill their potential and probably win Nationals.
Trials will begin in February.

With Glasgow Ultimate we are trying to establish a club and an identity that encompasses all those that play ultimate in Glasgow. Strathclyde and Glasgow University have their own identities within student ultimate, now we want something that everyone can be part of when we play and train together.

It has come time to pick a design that will represent Glasgow Ultimate and we figure that the members of the club should have their say. Whichever concept is chosen from the finalists below will be used for our strips, branding on the website and for any discs we have printed in the future.

Bear in mind that the designs below should be thought of more as concepts than finished logos; don’t worry if they’re fuzzy or you don’t like the background colour, these things will be tidied up before we go to print. We’ve tried to stay away from anything too gimmicky as we want a design that people are happy to keep for a while so we don’t all have to keep buying new strips every year.

Once you’ve submitted your answer could you please enter your name into the textbox that appears (no need for email), this will help us weed out possible random votes from people not associated with Glasgow Ultimate. Also, if you have any constructive feedback (“this bit should be bigger”, “The text should run the other way” etc) add them in to the comments at the foot of the page.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version


Monday 15 March 2010, Garscube, Outdoor

Tonights practice focussed on playing zone defense and playing against the zone on offense.

Zone Defense
Zone is a defensive strategy employed by teams to contain the oppositions play, stop them hucking, stop them running set plays and put pressure on their throws. Defensive players each have specific roles to mark out certain areas of the pitch rather than man marking a single player. There are many types of zone and zone/man hybrid tactics but they usually always involve putting many players around the disc (a force + wall or cup) that follow the frisbee as it changes possession and several deeper players to stop anything going long. Zone is especially effective in strong winds where it is difficult to make throws under pressure.

Tonight we focused on a commonly used zone called Junk. The details are here:

Junk Zone

Main principles:

  • Zone is a TEAM defense and will only work well if everyone talks and sticks to their job. COMMUNICATION is the key to getting blocks. The sideline talks to everyone, especially the force. The middle of the wall makes sure the wall is always positioned correctly, the wings talk to the middle of the wall to let them know when to crash in, the deep player talks to the wings and keeps them in position.
  • The wall must move as a unit, if holes appear in the wall it is easy to break through. The middle player can stand side on and watch for cuts coming through the wall and block these off.
  • At some point zone defense will be switched to man. It is vital that this transition is instant. Let your team mates know when you hear the shout, pick up a mark and point at them, take the deepest players first, help your team mates find who they should be marking.

Zone Offense

Playing against a zone is a completely different game to playing against man D. It is about patience, making the right choices and taking the options the defense gives you. The system we will use against zone is outlined here:

Zone offense

Main Principles:

  • Keep the disc moving and the stall count low
  • Keep the disc away from the sidelines

Breaking the wall:

There are 3 main ways to get past the wall (or cup)

  1. Through it – play handler 1-2s, big fakes to make the wall move
  2. Around it – keep the disc swinging and involve the wings
  3. Over it – throw to the deep players standing in space


The key to success against a zone is to not let the wall set once it has been beaten. Once the disc is through/around/over the wall it should stay that way. This means quick movement of the disc upfield and back in to the centre of the pitch if received by a wing. Once the wall is beaten the deep and wing receivers should all be looking to help out, do not turn your back or cut away from the disc.


Glasgows biggest derby match is back. Forget the old firm, the city’s fiercest frisbee rivals will commence battle MONDAY 8th MARCH, 7.45 at GARSCUBE, expect blood, sweat and fear!!

Far Flung are just one win away from taking the series and will be confident after recently being crowned indoor national champions. However, outdoors is a completely different game and while a bulk of the Glasgow Uni team have been worryingly absent from outdoor training sessions the Horses have been putting in the hard work on the practice pitch. Strathclyde will be looking to build on a commendable recent performance at outdoor regionals and have every chance of levelling the series and forcing a decider in the 3rd semester.

If you want to get involved make sure you get in touch with Ben or Kev and get your name on the team list. Otherwise, come along and support your university club, bring banners and pom poms and plenty of good heckles. There will also be a spare pitch for another game to be run along side the show case. And of course there will be a chance to drink and mingle after the match.

Here’s the plan:

7pm: There will be changing facilities available for both teams inside the main centre
7.30: Pitch available for warm up
7.40: Kick off, (pull off just sounds rude…)

The game will be first to 13, with a 5 minute half time at 7.
There will be a 1 hour time slot and a two point cap. This means if the game is not finished in an hour then we add 2 points to the highest score and play to that.
2 time outs per half per team.

9pm: Showers
9.30: Refreshments and post match shenannigans at PJ Champs