Glasgow Ultimate

End of Season Review 2014

For me, it’s been quite easy to look at one sudden death point and a failure to make Nationals and think we regressed as a team this season. Having trained a lot but only played one competitive open outdoor match it’s been a bit of a disappointing year personally. But when I started writing this […]

DiscMen 2010

In 2008 a band of Frisbee vigilantes took an oath to revolutionise and dominate the indoor game and to never play a quarter final sober. In 2010 they succeeded. 2010 Season: UK Indoor National Champs UK Mixed Indoor National Champs Mix and Mingle Champs With home advantage at UK Nationals, DiscMen were able to sweep […]

NBD 2010

NBD are a collective bunch of Glasgow scallywags that formed a team to compete in UK Womens Indoor Nationals.  They finished 2nd.  No big deal… [singlepic id=27 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Discmen 2009 review

In 2008 a group of experienced Glasgow players put together an indoor team with the intention of qualifying for and winning UKU open indoor nationals. As it was ‘only indoors’ the ethos of the team was simply to have as much fun playing/traveling/partying together as we did winning.The team consists of a band of superheroes, […]