The nights are getting darker, the air a little chillier, there are whisperings of Christmas Cone and you’ve started to clean the mould off your 3G boots. Must be indoor season! The Glasgow Indoor League kicks off this weekend and it’s time to take a look at the teams vying for the Crystal Fox. The league is comprised of 8 teams this year, we have had to say goodbye to regulars Stirling Uni and Friends of Magdalen Green but welcome a new bunch of heroes, the Rainbow Warriors. We also have a new format and will start with seeding groups to decide who goes through to the elite and challenger pools. There will then be a crossover to give developing teams another chance at promotion, followed by playoffs and a grand final.

Dark Horses

Current champions Dark Horses have outgrown their underdog monicker in recent seasons. The boys from Strathclyde uni have developed into prize stallions and are well equipped to defend their title. Sure they may have lost some of their panache and spontaneity to graduation but they replace it with solid principles and ballsy swagger. I’m told this team is fast and youthful and although their style is more suited to the larger pitches at Ravenscraig they should still have enough to take on the old fogies! Their downfall could be clashes with exam timetables and they will likely be missing key players for the playoffs. Cameron Mackerel will continue to dominate aerial battles with his hefty presence, Jonny “Harambe” Shaw will provide the ammunition and Iain Lindsay will link up play with his ninja like agility.

Keys to success:

  • Horses have lost their overwhelming height advantage but can they make up for it with speed and energy?
  • Who has exams on a Sunday?

Prediction: 3rd


Far Flung

The boys in black and gold surrendered their title last season on points difference and will be keen to reclaim the trophy this year. Far Flung will use the league to develop their squad and gain valuable game experience for university indoor nationals. They have lost some big names from last years “top 5 in the UK” squad but they are bolstered by the return of Norquay “Did you know I was in Boston” Webster and the acquisition of former Strathclyde powerhouse Sam Finlay. The rest of the squad have gained a full years experience of elite ultimate at university and club level so expect this team to be as potent as ever. Far Flung are officially under new management and virgin captain A.Llama intends to lead by example. Expect intense defense, intelligent offense and questionable fashion sense.

Keys to success:

  • Can Iain Campbell complete his transformation from ginger cutter to blonde handler?
  • Will Joel Terry learn to layout?

Prediction: 1st


Seamen of Discland

The seamen run a tight ship. Though their decking is creaky and their mast rusting their vessel is seaworthy and set for an epic voyage. It’s easy to look at their average age of 48 and throw around terms like “experience” and “cool heads”, but in truth it will be their dogged determination and quick movement that sees them succeed. This team of veteran males are complemented by the cream of GU womens ultimate who provide a formidable female presence to the elite division. Expect plenty of layouts from Nicky “no relation to Jonny” Shaw, skys from Audrey Mellllanancfcurnei and mercurial handling from Lulu Boyd. The Disclanders will likely rock a few boats with their dynamic offense and grinding zone D.

Keys to success:

  • Will Brian Hudson re-discover his killer flick?
  • Will John Houston be allowed out to play?
  • Will more than 4 players show up?

Prediction: 2nd


Glue Factory

This horses alumni team are indoor league regulars and return this year to have a shot at the top division. Having formerly plied their trade in the challenger league (and won) they are looking to make the step up and take on the elite teams. GF are renowned for their team ethic, good spirit and solid skills. Fitness may prove a hindrance as usual but they possess a squad full of experienced, cool headed players and will rely on former team bonds and old style Horse tactics to wear down their opposition. If that doesn’t work they’ll hammer to the tall guy in the endzone. Expect to work very hard to get turns on their handler heavy offense, this is a team that is happy to work the disc around all day long. Iain “Charming” Chalmers will be the beating heart of this squad supported by the likes of Ross Drummond and Kirsty Gillen racking up the points.

Keys to success:

  • Is Laurie Brown the endzone target-man this team needs to step up to the big time?
  • Has Captain Colin roped together enough players to make this team stick?

Prediction: 5th


Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors are the new kids on the block. An amalgamation of veterans, newbs, vagrants and discarded team mates. They are an unknown quantity, untested, unproven and yet to compete on this stage. However, their roster contains superstars such as GU female MIP Katie Smith, GMacMcDowell and Tommy Linson. It might take them a while to get going but they will be capable of battling against the elite teams and should aim for the top half of the draw. However they play, whatever their results, we can be sure that this team will play with a smile and plenty of energy.

Keys to success:

  • Can Chris “Captain Rainbow” Dickie unite his squad into a coherent unit?
  • Will their neon multicoloured uniforms dazzle the opposition into submission?

Prediction: 4th

Dark Horses Challengers

After a strong showing from all 3 teams at Stirling Tune-Up and winners medals at last years Rookie Rumble it’s clear that Strathclydes focus on development is paying off. Indoor league will be a chance to further wean their babes and give their improving players a chance to knock on the first team door. Their promising freshers are already getting layout blocks and the team will be strengthened by experienced females such as Hayley “what rhymes with salmon” Dalmon. Horses have a deep squad of capable players and could realistically challenge for a top 5 spot; expect them to be well drilled, confidently led and full of energy.

Keys to success:

  • Beginners Gareth and Charles McDouglas have bright futures in maroon but are they competition ready?
  • Can the horses regularly field a consistent line up that gels as a team?

Prediction: 7th


Fling Flung and Far Fling

The FarFlung challenger teams will be comprised of a mish mash of beginners, 2nd teamers, womens firsts and social players from the university club. Talent will be spread across these teams to maximize development for the university season, but they have plenty to go around. Game experience is key for this group of players as they look to win games with sound tactics and solid fundamentals. Expect them to improve rapidly as developing players emerge to take on bigger roles.

Keys to success:

  • The Farflung challenger teams will need their rookies to step up to the big time. Expect big plays from beginners Lucas Correia and Charlie Cooper with sweet discs from Tabetha SorryIDon’tKnowYourLastName.

Prediction: 6th and 8th in no particular order


Games to watch in week 1:

Rainbow Warriors vs Glue Factory: Likely to decide which team progresses to the elite pool.

DH challengers vs FarFling : Battle of the rookies as Strathclyde take on perennial foes Glasgow university.

Hope you’re looking forward to the games, we hope to bring you a few highlights, interviews and reviews following the first weeks action.


This was my 14th year as an ultimate player, my 11th at club level and the third since we formed the Glasgow open team. It’s been a lot of fun developing the club over the last few years and incredibly rewarding to have so many people involved . 2015 was a breakthrough season as our hard work has started to translate into on field results and we are at last competing with the UK’s elite. From a personal perspective it has been one of the most exciting seasons so far. I thought I’d write about it.

-Shaun Webb

Wet to the core, stripped to our under layers and hugging hot water pipes for warmth. An assortment of socks (including Chris and Lulus matching pairs) lie dripping from the radiator as the wind howls through the gaps in the bricks. Saturday had been tough and we had struggled in the wind against the top teams in our group but Sunday was a whole different challenge. We had lost our first game on the toss with zero upwind points scored, cutting was more like swimming, several teams had already gone home and the UKU were advising teams not to play on. “Right, let’s get out there and finish this!”. We had trained hard for 3 months through snowstorms and torrential rain; a little bit of wind wasn’t going to stop us now.


We caught a break going in to our last game as two teams decided to abandon and draw their match. This meant a win would put us top of our group and inside the top 10 whereas a loss would have us finish 12th overall. The captains shook hands, two discs tumbled through the air and Neil emerged with a smile, we had won the flip, perhaps the most important flip of the season. The game went to plan with an endless barrage of hucks towards the downwind endzone and not a single upwind score. After we put in the final point, shook hands and the opposition retreated to the warmth of the showers I looked around to see there were only two teams left out on the fields. While other teams had abandoned to escape the weather and return home, it looked like it was only us (who probably had the longest return trip) and some blue team who had remained to the end. The blue team turned out to be our seconds…


Due to some reshuffling of teams our 9th place finish at Mixed Tour 1 allowed us to sneak into a top 8 seed at Mixed Tour 2 and importantly gave us a chance to win the tournament. I was unable to attend this tournament and instead spent the weekend anxiously checking my phone as the updates from group games came in: Three nil down to Reading (MT1 champions)…sudden death win…four points down against Bristol…sudden death win…trading with GB under 23s…sudden death loss. What a day, nerve wrecking from my point of view but again the team had showed their fighting spirit to play to the end and earn a semi final berth. Sunday morning: “Glasgow 14-10 Thundering Herd”. By this point I was fairly sure I was on the receiving end of an elaborate practical joke but the UKU website confirmed Glasgow as victors to set up an all Scottish final against Black Eagles. Then the post came through, a picture of the squad with their index fingers raised to the sky and the text “Officially number 1 in the UK”.


It turned out all we needed was a bit of confidence; those gritty displays on Saturday had enabled the transformation from contenders to champions. Suddenly we were a squad full of belief, our dedicated pre-season was paying off and our talent realised. Having entered the first event hoping to challenge for quarterfinals we were now sitting top of the rankings.

In the third and final event of the mixed season we confidently made semis but lost a group game in sudden death to Black Eagles. Unfortunately this game ultimately decided the Tour trophy as while we matched Great Britain for much of the semi final we couldn’t keep up with them late in the game. Black Eagles won their match and although they lost the final it was enough to secure Tour victory (international squads were ineligible). Second place may have seemed disappointing but the overall feel was one of energy and excitement to be part of a team competing for trophies and going up against international squads. Our runner up trophy was a victory for the whole club and reward for our entire squad. Across the 3 events 26 players, including several beginners, competed for our first team and contributed to our most successful mixed season ever.

By the time open and women’s season came around the hype had not subdued. In fact we were able to enter 3 teams in to Tour 1. Our second team proved their credentials in C Tour only losing 1 game all weekend and our women put in a strong showing against top teams in only their second competitive performance ever.

11330031_10154006065050656_3467432286744251255_n 11393012_10153168237594279_2591445701149169379_n

The firsts were looking to maintain the momentum of the mixed season and qualify for quarterfinals by getting through their group on day 1. Starting with another sudden death win from behind against GB masters set the tone for the weekend. We had become a hard working, talented team and crucially we believed in ourselves. We followed this up with solid wins against GB U23s and Chevron, which saw us top the group with a game in hand. Facing Kapow on a Sunday morning in a Tour quarterfinal was where this team deserved to be.

The overwhelming feeling was one of pride and justification. It had been a year since we beat this team in sudden death and judging by their ferocious energy in the first point they hadn’t forgotten about it. It was clear this was going to be a step up in quality; pride would not be enough to carry us through. Trailing for most of the game we managed to scrap to stay in touch and eventually found consistency towards the tail end to force a sudden death point. Our defense was solid, a part of our game we developed and evolved this season to become a tireless unit working towards common goals. We managed to keep them contained around their goal line and eventually forced a floaty pass across the endzone. 3 men went up but only 1 man in green came down with the disc. Callahan, sudden death win, is there a better way to make semis? We met our match in the semi finals, falling victim to the GB open squad but finished the tournament as the second placed club team. Finally the world was starting to take notice of Glasgow Ultimate, even if The Show Game still didn’t fancy our chances at Tour 2.


Tour 2 was my highlight of the season and I’m probably not alone in that. Dubbed “London’s Calling” it is the largest tournament in Europe with over 100 teams competing including several international squads and overseas club teams. The best thing about this tournament was that we went in to games expecting to win against the top teams. We were no longer hopeful underdogs, we were favourites and confident that we had a group of players that could match any other squad. We had featured in the semi finals of the last 3 UK tournaments and we intended to keep on rolling.

We made it through our group with hard fought wins against Emo and Ranelagh and a close loss to France. However, our best performances came in the quarters and semis as we comfortably beat Manchester and closed out a tight match against Ireland. At no point during these games did I feel we were capable of losing and at no point over the weekend did I feel like we were over achieving. Getting to play an open Tour final against GB was a reward this team had earned. It didn’t start well, perhaps it was nerves, tiredness or just bad luck but we managed to put up a fight in the second half eventually losing 15-11. I hope everyone playing that game enjoyed it and I also hope that they learned from it. Next time we will be more prepared.

For the second time this year we found ourselves top of the Tour rankings with one event to play, this time our lead was virtually unassailable. However, we never intended to play Tour 3 as we traditionally struggle to get numbers to Cardiff that late on in the season. Instead we opted for a weekend of Guinness and spike ball by sending our Mixed Team to Dublins Golden Cup. We had a great weekend in our limited edition shirts taking some international scalps and finishing 5th as the top placed club team. It was an odd feeling not making a semi final this time round, we came out on top in most of the matches we had a chance to win but a couple of the national sides were a step above us. We were not far off matching the Ireland and GB squads and I think these games gave us a goal to aim towards next season.


In the future we will look back on this season and say “remember that time we nearly won Mixed and Open tour in the same year?”. The history books won’t reflect the true story of this season but then they rarely do. They don’t show the hard work and the camaraderie that goes in to a season. They won’t report the spine tingling cries of “What’s the score?…..Who’s it about?” as we clawed our way to back into matches. Perhaps we should say “Remember that time we made a bit of effort and believed in ourselves and played 4 out of 5 Tour semi finals and 2 out of 5 finals and beat a whole bunch of international teams? That was fun!”.

But we should also remember the role of chance. Remember that dedication to training and playing as a team gave us great opportunities but that luck also plays a part at tournaments. A sudden death point here or there and the season may have had a completely different complexion. My mind winds back to Mixed Tour 1 and wonders how different our year might have been had we lost the toss in that final game. Had we suffered a cruel defeat to the wind and ended bottom of our group in 12th position. We could not have won MT2 and we would not have been competing for the Tour title at MT3. Without that momentum and belief in the team would we still have gone on to succeed at Open Tour?


Post tour season our success continued as we wrapped up the Scottish Tour title and won the Scottish qualifier for UK nationals. With club teams back to full strength this was going to be the real test of the season. Previously our highest place finish at Nationals was 13th but this year we had aims of finishing in the top 8 and hopefully qualifying for European championships. Given the toughest draw possible we came out firing and convincingly defeated Manchester showing just how much we had continued to improve. We lost our quarter to Fire of London as we struggled to live with the intensity that their large squad brought to a hot midday game. Round 3 put us up against Brighton with a chance to go within 1 win of European qualification. A slow start had us 10-5 down having also lost Rory and Ali to sickness and injury. The second half of this game was possibly our best of the season. Something kicked in to place and we went on a roll to eventually lead the game 13-12. It was fantastic to be part of a team with that fight, determination and belief to turn around any score line. In the end luck may have abandoned us (perhaps we’d already had our share), we lost 14-13.


Brighton went on to finish 3rd and we lost to a very dangerous Emo side that had suffered a shock defeat earlier in the tournament and were making their way back up the rankings. We did manage to round off the tournament with huge wins against Birmingham and Manchester to finish 9th. It’s a shame we didn’t get to play the teams that finished 6th-8th but we’ll have to settle those scores another time. Nationals can be a heartbreaker; the pains of losses, mistakes and regrets are not easily healed by the prospect of the next tournament. It is the end of the season. It will take a year to put it right, another year of bitterly cold winter training sessions, pre-season vomit inducing hill sprints, hours spent lifting weights, running intervals and pushing yourself to do one more frog jump. Another year of wins and losses, of sudden death points and games decided by the flip of a disc. Another year spent learning tactics, mastering plays and building the team into a stronger unit. Another year developing new recruits in to A tour players. Another year of indoors and summer league. Another year of weekends away with team mates, friends and goal hack enthusiasts. Another year being part of this team.

I can’t wait.


For me, it’s been quite easy to look at one sudden death point and a failure to make Nationals and think we regressed as a team this season. Having trained a lot but only played one competitive open outdoor match it’s been a bit of a disappointing year personally. But when I started writing this report and looking at the year as a whole, I began to realise that there have been a lot of positives. So let’s go back to the start…..


The 2013/2014 club season kicked off way back in October 2013 with the inaugural Glasgow Ultimate Elite League. The indoor portion of the league was a huge success and a great warm up for competitive tournaments for both university and club teams. The outdoor games suffered from fixture congestion and lack of numbers and the plan is to make this solely an indoor comp next season (more on that soon). Congratulations to Far Flung the eventual victors (going on to finish 2nd at university indoor UK nationals)!

Post-league training sessions allowed the open team to start planning their assault on the club indoor season and for the first time ever we were able to run a womens training session. By the time Scottish indoor championships came around both teams were ready to take on Scotlands best. The open team put on a convincing display to set up a rematch of the 2012 final against Panthers. GU went 2 points down early on but fought back to take victory, a much tougher game than the previous season. The 2nds also put on a brave display, taking some scalps, winning spirit and making the semi finals. Glasgow Vixens made their competitive debut in the women’s division, finishing 4th.


Glasgow added further trophies to their cabinet with victories over Panthers at the Rabbie Burns indoor tournament and Black Eagles in the inaugural Scottish Mixed Indoor Championship.


The open team headed to UK indoor nationals with high expectations and an undefeated record lasting more than a year. Day 1 was tough but some hard fought victories (and a draw that almost ended in a fight) earned them a place in the quarter finals. Glasgow dispatched Reading with relative ease but couldn’t claw back an early 2 point deficit in the semi vs Grand Hawks. We went on to take 3rd with victory over Fully Charged and finished the season with a single defeat. Vixens also put in an impressive display at Nationals, finishing in the top 8. A huge achievement for a group of girls playing their first season together.



We also had the opportunity to play indoor ultimate with a whole new crowd. Several of us spent two weeks with the East Kilbride Disability Sports Club, teaching them to throw, catch, cut and score! It was tremendous fun and everyone was thrilled to be playing a new sport. We hope to get back there again soon and extend our coaching and outreach to local schools and other community groups. Thanks to everyone that helped out!



A group of hardy foxes, missing many first team regulars, travelled to the least tropical beach tournament in the world to battle against the wind and rain in the sand dunes off the Aberdeen coastline. Despite a difficult first day and an epic nights partying they went on to find some Sunday form and claim the CUBE championship. You can read more about that weekend in Markys report.



Winter training was fairly successful. We managed to run a training session on a synthetic pitch regardless of the weather nearly every week when there wasn’t a tournament. Admittedly we struggled for numbers occasionally, and we’d really like to hear from people about what we can do to boost attendance at the Club sessions.

Glasgow entered all three Mixed Tours this season for the first time as Glasgow Ultimate. This was a massive progression for the Glasgow scene, allowing many to get their first taste of Tour. In fact, we even had a second Weegie team representing at Tour 2 in the form of Glue Factory (Horses alumni team). GU finished 11th at Tour 1, including a final game victory over Scottish rivals Black Eagles; 42nd at T2 , giving many new players experience; and 18th at T3, ending in 17th position overall. We will be aiming to finish higher next season with a specific focus on mixed and hopefully a second team.




We capped off the mixed season with a GU summer holiday to compete at Windmill Windup in Amsterdam thanks to the efforts of Marky and Asif in securing us a place. The combination of it being their 10th anniversary edition and many teams using it as a warm-up for World Clubs meant the field was jam-packed with quality opposition. The vagueries of the swiss-draw system, taking advantage of the party atmosphere and getting an untested line-up to gel were all taken in stride, finishing 11th out of 30. We were the highest finishing team that didn’t compete at worlds and came ahead of several that did.

Tour 1, as always, was a big focus for us and it went very well – 16th overall, 9th in the UK after adjusting for the visiting teams (various European champions preparing for worlds). We came very close to going even higher but lost out to a bit of experience from some established A tour teams. Unfortunately our more development-focused squad wasn’t able to replicate this success at Tour 2 but it did provide us with some lessons and highlighted that we need to find a way to maintain our momentum throughout the season. Overall we finished 19th out of 68 teams despite only playing 2 of the three tournaments and saw a good number of players make their tour debut.


Tour 2 was very significant in that we were able to field the first ever Glasgow team in the Women’s tour. It’s hard to overstate just how difficult it is to go to tour with an inexperienced team and 1 or 2 subs but the team put in a heroic effort to be proud of and that’s exactly how these things start.

Summer League returned in style this year with a 12 week extravaganza of mixed ultimate. This year we extended the league to last the length of summer with 4 squads (Irn Cru, Fever, Ravenous Midges and Mayhem) and over 70 participants. Our 4 captains did a great job encouraging everyone to play and developing their teams. There have been vast improvements in many individuals given the opportunity to play regularly and the teams all gelled well to give us a highly competitive finals week. Irn Cru were consistently the best team throughout the league but couldn’t hold off Fever who were deserving winners on the day. Congrats to them, but also to everyone for making it a fun and well spirited event.





Glasgow played hosts to the Scottish Ultimate Frisbee Championships again this year, hoping to complete the double double. Going in as top seeds we hoped to win and qualify for nationals but expected a tough final against new boys NEO. We started slowly, going a few points down, but showed our famous fighting qualities to drag ourselves back in to the lead at half time. We then pushed on, taking the crucial post half point and extending our lead with the finish line in sight. With 3 chances to win the game and plenty of vocal support we couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to make Nationals. Perhaps it was tired legs, nerves, poor preparation, lady luck or a combination of them all. What we do know, is that we learned a lesson about winning and losing and we’ll be back stronger in 2015. The real success of this tournament was getting 3 teams to enter and having 2 of them finish in the top 3.

1899824_634669579963308_890264844505429418_oAlthough the first team couldn’t quite get over the line we can be very proud of what we achieved overall and throughout the course of the season:

Multiple indoor championships, 3rd place at Open Nationals.
Competed at every Mixed Tour.
Formed a Women’s team that finished 8th at Indoor Nationals and competed at Womens Tour.
Best ever finish at an Open Tour, ranked in top 8 British clubs.
One of only 3 UK clubs to represent at Open, Mixed and Womens Tour.
Hosted two Scottish Championships.
Hosted summer and winter leagues.
Finished 2nd and 3rd in Scotland.

When we look back on this season we will see this as the year that Glasgow Ultimate transformed from a team in to a club. Bring on 2015!


Written by Shaun , with contributions from Phil and Audrey.


The weekend saw 14 honorary Glaswegians descend upon Amsterdam to partake of what it’s most famous for – some damn fine ultimate. It all started with an early morning rendezvous at the airport with Jonny and sufficient slagging of his farmer tan. After our flight we picked up the stragglers (I spent 5 minutes learning how to pronounce ‘Knudsen’) and ventured into the city where our budding tourguide Marky led us to much needed food, drinks , and some sightseeing.

On arrival at the camp we were greeted by two volunteers, one kitted out in the finest windmill attire and equipped with enough beer tokens to satisfy the team (Jess), and another who looked very hard done by and lacking in any ‘freebees’ (Benji). Eventually the gang were all united and in the scorching heat the tents were erected, this was looking to be a promising weekend.

Feels like beer o’clock

Off to Lidl (pronounced Lee-dil or Lie-dil depending on your upbringing) we went, to stock up on beer and nibbles. The night began with drinks, plenty of craic and the tenth anniversary opening ceremony. Sampling some local baking had questionable effects. This was followed by late night karaoke in the bunker: Graeme and Phil’s opening number ‘Under the Bridge’, Mattloaf with ‘Bat Out of Hell’, and finally the power duet between Audrey and Chris – the classic ‘You’re the One that I Want’.
mattloaf greaseduet

To the fields

After a good nights partying and minimal hangovers, Glasgow were ready for their opening game of the weekend.

Game 1: Chilli – O. We travelled all the way to Amsterdam to play another team that live on our doorstep! The game started with both teams trading points for the first half, chilli – O using some quick handler passing and ‘give and gos’ to open up some successful deep options. In the 2nd half Glasgow started to gel better, playing much cleaner offense and converting vital D points to finish the game 13-11.

Game 2: Codfish Vineyard. This was essentially a game of runs, with codfish taking an early lead before Phil gave us a kick up the arse to go on a streak of our own and close the game to finish a tight 1st half. Both teams were working hard on zone and the 2nd half saw Glasgow coming out on top before Codfish could return the favour to tie it at 12-12. Glasgow had the disc on universe point, unfortunately miscommunication led to a turn with a short field to work with. After some great resilience from Glasgow, Codfish took the game with a glory hammer to finish 13-12.

Game 3: Element. From grass to the warmest 3G pitch imaginable! Glasgow made uncharacteristic errors that led to a poor start giving the Israeli team a 6-2 lead. A tactical timeout was called and the appropriate inspirational words delivered, followed by a show of on-pitch determination by a few players. This focused the team and we began to claw back the deficit. However the Israeli’s stepped up their game and went on to win a hard fought universe point, final score 14-13.

Game 4: Thundering Herd. Glasgow used the momentum from the Element game and came out fighting against the cows. We took an early 5-1 lead and maintained it throughout the game, with some excellent D on herd’s cutters and awesome hucks taken down by Audrey and Graeme. We finished with a comfortable win 15-11 and early beer showers.

Friday PARTY
The usual round of mixed showers was followed by strange delicious food and some weird sausage on a disc (or plate if you were lucky enough to possess one), with pre-drink games and a bit of mingle mingle the foundations were firmly set for another wild Glasgow night at Windmill. The ”Groundhog Day slumber party” was attended where basically everyone went to watch Groundhog Day and fell asleep on the beanbags in the bunker.

Day 2
Game 5: Vaasa Saints. Credit where credit is due, this Finnish team had some of the best girls of the tourney, with the hucking ability any Glasgow open player would be jealous of. We got played off the park by this team as we were quite unprepared. 15-9 in the end to the Saints.

Game 6: UFO (Utrecht). Probably one of Glasgow’s best performances, taking the scalp of a club worlds squad was fun. The girls really stepped up in this game with great handling from Jess and Lulu against UFO’s zone, coordinated perfectly with Benji, setting the precedent for how Glasgow would play zone offense throughout the rest of the tourney. Audrey made some great catches in this game alongside strong cuts from Andrea and Nicky, the girls showed how mixed should be played. As for the game all the highlights I can remember are Game started- tubby got sky’d by a small girl for the score- game end, 13-10 to Glasgow.

Game 7: Rusty Bikes. This game was similar to the previous, hard fought, well spirited but special credit to Marky who really took control of this game. Glasgow stormed ahead with a clinical win 15-9.

Never have I ever…
Time for the Saturday night party where chaos ensued! The night began with a choice of meals, I had the pizza and pasta salad and swear it was the greatest thing ever. Usual antics followed with fives, never have I ever (story of the night, Phil and the fridge urinal/ strip tease for his parents) (Also Benji you are such a lad) 21 with the hardest rule ever imposed whilst Matt and I were away, and even though Knudsen knew the rule he still couldn’t figure it out! The night was topped off by Karaoke mit ze Germans singing 99 Luftballons, then disco times in heaven. Shout out to Alison and Matt for successfully partying through the whole night!

Day 3

Final game: Outernationals: A musical warm up with stellar moves from both sides (especally our own Nicky Shaw). A physical game ensued with Glasgow able to shrug off their Saturday night hangover first. We absolutely demolished this team 14-7. boom. A very hungover (actually still drunk) Matt Scott entered the pitch at 12-7 and got an amazing D, was subsequently almost sick and declared his contribution to the game over – very efficient. A fitting game of German pornstars followed, with Matt and Benji dubbed the kinkiest players.

The remainder of Sunday was spent watching some top class Frisbee finals, packing up our stuff and saying toodle oo to Andrea who played amazing the whole weekend (Please don’t leave next year, do another PhD, GLASGOW NEEDS YOU). Sunday night, fairly knackered so an early night and good lie in for most, while a few ventured out to see what Amsterdam had to offer.


Apres Tournament
Tubby had a great idea to rent bikes and go north of the city, so six of us ventured onwards in search of windmills, canals and a town in the arse-end of nowhere that didn’t even have a café open!! Highlights were the tandem bike, randomly bumping into Andrea post Van Gogh, Marky almost killing us on the bike, Jonny riding the tandem solo, Nicky’s catching skills during hacky sack, the ‘early leg’, Knudsen’s use of ‘the ready leg’ and Jess’ second pair of trousers ripping. That night saw more beers and a revival of 21, “Whoa look at Jonny’s forearms”, “Whoa look at Jonny’s ass”, “Jonny did you just calve?” the weary players were rewarded with an amazing night of live music, cheap Jaegermeister’s and intimate heart to hearts with PWebb.


The need for food is a really strong motivation after a night like that – Marky and Knudsen attempted to strongly persuade the local subway that they really were open at 4am, Audrey needed emergency spaghetti carbonara just to walk straight the next day.

MIP (F) Lulu
MIP (M) Chris D
MVP (F) Audrey
MVP (M) Philip
Captain’s MVP Marky

Honorable mentions :
The early/ready/delayed leg goalhack variations
Georgie’s support on the pitch and in the parties!


Report by Lulu.

CUBE is a wonderful time of year.  Where else do you get to play on sandy white(ish) dunes, in amazing(ish) weather, with all your best mates(…ish).  It is of course the Nation’s famous five-a-side beach tournament, where even some English teams make the long, uphill trip to sample some of the best nights out Aberdeen has to offer, as well as some Ultimate I guess.

This year lived up to every expectation with a 50/50 blend of weather, fantastic ceilidh with added play-park feature (anyone for a spin?!), an american school bus, and a night out where the people really do make it. Who knew you could have a good night in a garage? A particular night-long highlight was delivered by Gill Spy who outshone everyone’s antics and took home the well-deserved Party Prize.


Gameplay on Saturday was tough.  The God’s of Sand were not happy and decided to howl some chilling wind to upset the games.  Glasgow One were in pool play and went two for one, losing out against a veteran Ro Sham Bo team who sliced up the wind taking the win. Sunday saw a return to form on both Glasgow’s front and the weather.  The sun came beating down strong and after some consultation of the ‘taps aff’ directory, it was… off.  Unfortunately for some this weather brought out some blindingly white torso’s which certainly affected the results of a few games.  However, Glasgow was on the hunt for the final.
The first game of the day saw a tight sudden death win against a fiesty young Blaze team still feeling the energy from the previous nights stubby downage. Onwards to our semi-final, a re-match against Ro Sham Bo.  Glasgow weren’t going to let the final get away from them. They’d been sizing up many time CUBE finalists, The Brown, at the ceilidh and knew they had some moves. The weather was delightful, slight breeze, and full advantage was taken defeating RSB convincingly.  Obviously the party hadn’t taken anything from their game…
Regardless, Glasgow was in the final! We were finally here.  And what a final it was.  The Brown had some massive plays, throwing some mighty hammers, using every member of their team.  It was a performance testament to their success in reaching the final.  But Glasgow was consistent in delivering the turnovers to their endzone.
The final buzzer had blown, Marky received the disc on the sideline, a streaking Cammy across the endzone, the crowd stands up, a ‘Swebb-esque’ thumber down the line, the crowd screams, layout out for the final score, the crowd goes wild, AHHHHHH!! “Cammy, I love you!”, “You’re my hero”, “Sign my chest!”, are examples of nothing said.
A finish with flare to a fantastic tournament.
Post by Mark Simpson.

Glasgow’s first competitive outing of the 2014 Outdoor season commenced with an epic pilgrimage in the GUSA flagship down to Cardiff. 13 heroes undertook the 10 hour journey which was punctuated by the usual service station delicacies, contact, and Yahtzee. Such is our love of the M6 at Glasgow Ultimate (any real member spends 48 hours a year ‘’somewhere near Preston’’) that driver Rory decided to boldly fake long past Birmingham, cut under North up the same stretch we’d just covered for a while before going for the true deep cut south again into Wales! After dumping 4 chumps at a Travelodge we settled down at the pitchside campsite (Harry had kindly been guarding our site for many hours) in our cosy tents in the rain at 3am. Bliss.

Captain Jonny was up first at the crack of dawn, presumably to do some bird watching, muck out his tent, and rouse the rest of the team. Unfortunately he didn’t fully arouse us as the first match against Bristol was a slow start and a 15-8 defeat, but it blew the cobwebs away if nothing else. The next game against Cambridge was also pretty tough but we improved to 15-9. The Glasgow motor was starting to splutter to life. Unfortunately it was cut from a V13 to a V12 engine as Tom went out with a ‘’bolloxed knee’’ (his own diagnosis) after attempting an unorthodox slalom cut through the endzone vertical stack. Finally with a bit of rage and a jump start from Phil we got into gear with a win against Shiny Happy Meeple, with Katie Voss linking up with the handler trio to slide through their tired zone defence. 14-8. A good way to finish the day’s play.

The evening’s entertainment involved a huge feed and many many bowls of salad. Banagrams and beers were had by a few back at the pitches, before another team got a bit too rowdy and started taking questionable nude selfies. This just isn’t Shaun’s kind of night. We left fairly early.

Day 2 saw many improvements on the pitch. Despite being exhausted the girls came through against the zone D’s proving it wasn’t just ‘’all the boys’’ as the opposing sideline chat seemed to think. There was some great wing play by Jess and cuts through the pain by Alison. Our newest experienced player Annie also unleashed a few cannon backhands into the endzone. We fought hard against RGS for a top 10 finish but didn’t go through the gears and suffered a 15-8 defeat. Injuries were starting to hit hard on the team and ibuprofen flowed, but the GU fitness schedule started to show in some of us, with Audrey running whoever marked her into the ground. We showed a lot of the classic GU grit to take our 5th match to 11-11 before missing our chances on Universe point, but morale was still high as the group of individuals had become a unit by now. The final game of MT1 was a grudge match against the old nemesis Black Eagles and it was a good one! Glasgow took a big lead with Sarah getting involved in our slick zone O, and Phil forcing a turnover in the eagle’s endzone. Brian brought down a few key grabs from Rory’s long shots to give us an edge. The Eagles tried to flap free from the fox’s jaws but despite a threatened comeback were put away in a 14-12 GU victory.


All in all our first Mixed Tour of 2014 was a success and an exciting building point for the rest of the season. Onwards and upward for Glasgow Ultimate!

 Tom Calvert. 

Location: St Albans
Date: 1/2 June 2013
Opponents: The B Tour

Game 1: Glasgow Ultimate vs Fusion

The big derby, both teams keen to prove that they are the best in Scotland. Both teams came out to prove that there is a difference from playing at Stirling to playing at tour, and they did. Both teams had some excellent plays, and excellent flow that many A-tour teams would have been proud of.

However there can only be one winner and Glasgow managed to edge it in the 2nd half after trading for most of the game and taking it 13-11.


Game 2: Glasgow Ultimate vs Zimmer

The new vs the old is what it could really come down to, the experience of Zimmer matched up against the youth of Glasgow (apart from Phil & Shaun). It was again a close game with both sides very evenly matched, Glasgow had the legs but Zimmer had the experience and the throws. It made it a very interesting game to watch and take part in. But all credit to Glasgow they dug deep in universe point to take the game 15-14.

Described by those on the pitch at the end as the match of the tournament it is not hard to see why by the score line.


Game 3: Glasgow Ultimate vs EMO 2

Expecting a big game from EMO hearing of their success against other teams in our group Glasgow came out to win. EMO showed us what 5 months of fitness was all for making us run hard and push already tired legs a little further. In a contrast from the last game Glasgow showed their experience and cool head to take the back to back game 15-6.

3 from 3 and we top our group to go to the quarter finals.


Game 4: Glasgow Ultimate vs Reading

If there was ever a wakeup call that we were in the quarter finals it was on Sunday morning matching up against Reading. Reading came out hard and pushed Glasgow and rattled the heads of ‘The top 4’ with throwaways and silly drops letting Reading get into the game. But Glasgow is not a group of individuals and some excellent performances from the rest of the team the dragged the now ‘disappointing top 4’ through to a comfortable win, 15-10.


Game 5: Glasgow Ultimate vs Manchester

Like the Zimmer game this was a very close encounter, however it was also very different. Both teams were evenly matched in all areas of the game, both had the throws, both had ambitions, both teams willing to fight.

Much like the Reading game Glasgow’s regulars pulled the team through with no single individual performances shining through but the team working as a unit making solid decisions and converting points. However Manchester were also doing the same, probably more so taking half 8-5. So Glasgow dug deep and went on a D roll bringing the game back to a Universe point. A tense affair, a guaranteed place in A-tour at stake and a place in the final, but no need to be alarmed Glasgow were not about to give up now taking the game and earning a place in the Final.


Game 6: Glasgow Ultimate vs Zimmer

We have been here before, game of the tournament last time in the groups Glasgow winning 15-14. But this time it was the final. Like in many of our games of the weekend Glasgow went down, fighting to stay in the game, fighting to keep those hopes of glory alive. Glasgow is a fighting club and we fought back, but the experience of Zimmer shone through taking the correct decisions and converting their chances, taking the final 15-13.


Highlights of the weekend have to be the fact that in every game we showed a will to win. A burning desire to go out and give the other team a taste of pain, no matter if we were ahead or behind. Key performances from everyone on the team over the weekend contributing to us winning games when other players were underperforming, and an attitude of friends who want to compete, enjoy, win and have fun.

That’s why no matter where you are in the country and no matter how good/bad, tall/small, old/young, Scottish/other you are when asked what team you want to play for, there can only be one answer.

Glasgow Ultimate.


Report by Number 4 in the Top 4 Jonny Ferry.


limerickattack February 22nd saw the initial advancement of the Glaswegian force heading towards Limerick, Ireland. The troops assembled in Dublin, dropped off courtesy of the air regiment where we proceeded to retrieve our chariots for the weekend. After splitting Glasgow company into our zafira and ‘roomy’ micras we marched into the night reaching our informant, who kindly put us up for the night.

limerickpitches 0700 hr rise. Final preparations began for the assault as we donned our sexy new kit and rode to the battleground.

Our first test: the Maynooths. D lines and O lines set, we made our initial push. A strong, steady score of points collected, with a few lucky interruptions. Glasgow win 13-4.

Next were the Ninjas. With their spirits high we had to maintain a strong sideline presence but they proved little contest to our pressure defence. Another win, 13-2.

This left us with our final pool game against another invading party, Nuts from Amsterdam. Their experience proved more troublesome to deal with but we kept our heads in the game, taking it to sudden death. Corporal Hudson pulled off a ridiculous layout grab at the second attempt to close out a close win 13-12.

So after battling through our pool, we were left with the final game of the day. The crossover. The fate of this game would decide whether we would have a shot at the big boys on Sunday, and of course we were looking for total domination. Entering the game pumped from inspiration from our captains, we hit the game hard. Trinity looked down, but were most certainly up for a fight. With many clutch grabs and big d’s the game drew out the final seconds, ending with Glasgow victorious, 13-8. We’re in the big league.

keep-calm-and-screw-it-mosh-pit After coming away from four for four, the troops celebrated with a bit of downtime. The local watering hole provided live entertainment, courtesy of Rusty Fixtures. Brilliant. This was then followed by a DJ set gone wild. A few of the boys headed into the dance floor ready to jam when the beginning of RAGE came on. We could feel the apprehension building, the testosterone filling, with the seal of fate coming from a random gangsta – ‘Are we doing this?’. Boom, the beat drops resulting in a full blown mosh pit!

Sunday saw the troops falling back into rank, ready to brave the final line of defence. The Irish sent out their best infantry – the under 23’s. This was for taking 1st seed, and the Irish were determined to keep it. Big points proved tough defence on both sides. Ireland went up two points, before our offence got on track but perhaps this was too late. Glasgow suffered their first loss in sudden death 6-5.

The games loss drained morale. We could see how close we were to taking it. But the team needed a boost. This called for goal hack!

limerickteam Next brigade was Rebel X. This was probably on par for most intense game of the weekend with the U23’s, but was most certainly the one that solidified us as a team. Rebel came out firing hot while our heads were still low. Popping the discs in, they took a 6-1 lead. On the brink of giving up the half, Glasgow could take no more. Beast mode: Engaged! We brought out block after block to bring it back to sudden death.

The d line had one last challenge and we rose to it with Doug making a fantastic layout catch, finishing in an assist! Absolute high, 13-12.

limericklesssensible This pushed us on to our last game for taking 5th, against Rebel X’s brothers: Rebel Y. We put up a big fight but unfortunately Y remained solid throughout their game and stood up to our man defence, sealing the game at 13-9.

Overall, we came away with 5 wins from 7. Very respectable for our teams first tournament I think. I’m very excited to see how the team progresses over the season and I’m sure we’ll be able to pack a punch at Tour 1.

Highlights/lowlights outside of frisbee include:

  • Hypothermia endured by all in our hosts house. Swear I seen a tumbleweed too.
  • Pointy grab foot hand ball game.
  • Instigating mosh pit and crowd surfing then leaving.
  • Peter carrying all his luggage on himself, including boots.
  • Kev’s need for longer sleeves for MVP stars.
  • Tom’s goal hack ‘skills’ leading to his forfeit of waddling half a pitch in his boxers.
  • Doug’s attempt to checking in 1 minute late leading to a 60 quid surcharge.
  • Free Whiskey at Prestwick Airport
  • Eating Dutch biscuits
  • Peters Fluffy Bunnies and odd socks
  • Winnie the pooh crowd surfing and finding Tigger
  • The wee fight in the corner of the pub

Tom was very excited to be in Ireland.

The ‘Ultimate’ highlight – winning from 6-1 down against Rebel!!

Well done to everyone on the team, made for a fantastic weekend. Special congratulations to the MVP’s.

MVP awards:
Defence – Tom
Offence – Shaun

Report written by Lance Corporal Marky.

We held our AGM a couple of weeks ago on the 2nd of November. We reviewed the past year and set out a number of goals for the coming season. The highlights were:

  • Glasgow Ultimate will attempt to have an open team this year that trains regularly and competes in the UK open season
  • New Kit this year
  • Finding alternative winter training facilities
  • Running a schools tournament
  • Running an “Ultimate summer camp”
  • Running a showcase Scottish outdoor tournament
  • Club Elections

Please take a look at the full document here:

2012 AGM minutes

If you have any feedback/anything to add please get in touch with

Scottish indoor open club regionals was held Nov 12th and 13th in Edinburgh this year with Glasgow sending two teams to compete for the four indoor nationals qualifying spots on the line. Glasgow 1 entered the tournament seeded 3rd and drawn into a pool with Mother Huckers (aka Dundee 2), Sneekys 2 of Edinburgh, and Mojo 1; while Glasgow 2 was seeded 15th and placed in a very tough pool along with Ro Sham 1, Black Eagles, and Abstract.

Glasgow 1 started pool play with a convincing 13-4 win over Mother Huckers. Next up was Sneekys, who traded points with us early, before we stepped up the D to pull away for the straightforward 11-7 win. Our final pool play game was against Mojo, who also entered the game with 2 wins, meaning first place in the pool and an automatic spot in the quarterfinals was on the line. Glasgow made the most of the opportunity, storming out to a quick 5-0 lead, before cruising to the 10-5 win, first place in the pool and a spot in the quarterfinals Sunday morning.

Glasgow 2’s first pool game was a tough one against Ro Sham 1 losing 13-2. Next up was an even harder game against the eventual champions Black Eagles. Despite the tough competition, Glasgow 2 showed up to play in this game, fighting hard with tons of specular Ds and an efficient O, pushing the Eagles right to the end before eventually losing 9-7. Last up was Abstract, a game Glasgow 2 needed to win in order to make crossovers. Unfortunately Glasgow came up just short again, leaving them to play in the placement games on Sunday.

Due to a scheduling quirk Glasgow 1 played Sneekys 2 again in our quarterfinal. Feeling somewhat annoyed that we had to play the same team a second time so early in the tournament, and that we should have handled them more easily in pool play, we came out to prove a point. As a result Glasgow 1 absolutely dominated the game in every respect rolling to a big 12-2 win. This set up a semifinal again Dundee 1. Entering the game having not been truly tested yet, Glasgow came out flat and made a few mistakes leaving us down a couple points early on. This allowed Dundee to switch to their soul destroying zone D in order to slow the game down, and while we fought hard our lack of practice against the zone meant we could never really get ourselves back into the game, ultimately losing 7-3. Despite the setback, Glasgow 1 came back strong in the 3rd place game against Stirling. Glasgow never trailed in the game, and despite letting Stirling twice fight their way back into the game, managed the 8-7 win. As a result, Glasgow 1 finished third, maintaining our initial seeding and grabbing one of the 4 Scottish region spots in indoor nationals to be held on Jan 28 and 29 in Stoke-on-Trent.

Glasgow 2 continued to play hard on Sunday and after losing their first game of the day came back with a big win over Mojo 2. While they lost their final game of the day, it still left them seeded 14th, one better than their original seed. More importantly, Glasgow 2 showed the true colours of Ultimate in Glasgow bringing home the spirit award!


Overall it was a great tournament for all involved, and no doubt Glasgow 1 will be looking to make some noise at nationals!